You Can Stop Thinning
Hair in it's Tracks!

Get Your Lustrous Locks 
Back Naturally
Without Drugs or Pricey Procedures...

Natural Solutions

No lifelong medications with undesirable side effects, including if stopped, ALL hair can fall out! No painful or pricey procedures. No expensive serums, shampoos, or other hair products that don't have legitimate case studies or address root causes!

Root Causes

You will start with a thorough questionnaire which creates your individualized timeline and health matrix. Then we dig deeper with functional labs to find root causes and figure out what’s triggering and contributing to your hair loss linked to your body’s dysregulation.

Custom Created

By determining the root causes that led to your type of hair loss, and connecting the dots between your imbalances, history, and labs, you will get a personally created hair-rebuilding program that is realistic and sustainable for long-lasting results!

Top 3 Reasons to Figure Out Your Type of Hair Loss
and Why to Address it ASAP


Easier to Stop Losing it than Regrowing Hair

Reversing hair loss requires restarting the growth cycle by isolating the ROOT CAUSES and addressing them which should begin as soon as possible for the best outcome. It’s easier to STOP the PROCESS from getting worse and THICKEN existing hair than REGROW hair that’s gone.


Lesser Chance of Follicle Scar Tissue

HAIR Follicles can become very tiny (they call it miniaturization) and scarring can take place. Especially with female pattern hair loss, these conditions usually progress through hair shedding. The more shedding, the faster miniaturization CAN take place. This can lead to scar tissue compacting around ALL hair follicles making regrowth nearly impossible.


Uncover Unbalances & Nutrient Depletions

Hair follicles exhibit enormous cellular TURNOVER and are often called a dynamic Mini-ORGAN characterized by a very active metabolism. So they require GOOD nutrient intake and ABSORPTION which demands an enormous amount of energy! This can be difficult to achieve if nutrients are NOT absorbed and/or your body’s unbalanced. Many clients don’t EVEN know this is occurring until they receive their functional lab results!

Hair Loss is Often a Symptom of OTHER CONDITIONS That Progressively Deteriorate the Health of the Scalp

Identify Your TYPE(s) of Hair Loss First Because...

Different Types Have Different Approaches
Each Type Has Different Cause(s) and Solutions
Different Types Have Different Outcomes
Identify Your Hair Loss Type Here

Are Your Genes Destined to Hair Loss?

NO, not necessarily. Some of us have a genetic predisposition to lose our hair. But genetic predisposition does not mean genetic destiny. The study of epigenetics has helped revolutionize this thinking. It has taught us that while we can’t change our genes, we can change how they behave... all by changing our lifestyle and environment.

Natural Solutions to Hair Loss

Like other health challenges, there are so many protocols, promises, nutritional and supplement plans on the internet that (all this information) can be overwhelming and paralyzing! Our approach and process carefully figure out what's personally best for you. We will provide you with actionable steps you can take to support and rebalance your metabolic, immune, and inflammatory systems to get healthy hair once again and revitalize your health!

Detective Work

Functional lab testing to dig deeper to understand exactly what is contributing to your body's dysregulation linked to hair loss.

5-R Program

Determine your imbalances and work together to strengthen your body to grow your hair by successfully completing each phase.   

Personalized Protocol 

Connecting the dots between your symptoms, history and lab results is key to finding the best protocol tailored to your body to grow your hair.

Importance of Addressing it NOW

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The Microbiome and Hair Loss

Our gut flora — or the organisms that live inside our intestines — make up at least as many cells as we have human cells. They influence gene expression, help us absorb vitamins and minerals, and constitute up to 70-80% of our entire immune system. Unfortunately, our gut health is also largely neglected. Chronic antibiotic use along with poor diet and lifestyle choices alter the composition of our guts and the very bacteria that influence the foods we crave and the hormones we produce. Reversing this damage is key to minimizing systemic inflammation, optimizing our hormones, and even improving many cases of hair loss and thinning.

Read Studies

I Get It, I've Been In Your Shoes!

Staring at the massive amounts of hair in the shower. Feelings of insecurity that lead to avoiding intimacy with my loved one. Running out of ways to style my hair to cover up thin spots.

I just wanted to live my life without fear of continuing to lose more hair, without taking lifelong dangerous medications or applying expensive scalp serums!

If this sounds like you, I want you to know there is hope. I reversed my hair loss naturally, which revitalized my health, and I am going to show you how to do the same with my program.

You Can Stop Thinning Hair In It's Tracks!

If you want to naturally grow back your hair, reduce or eliminate your dependency on potentially dangerous medications, wigs and/or hair extensions, hats, and scarves, and enjoy a more rewarding, active lifestyle without worrying about people staring at your thinning hair then...
The Natural Hair Loss Solution Program is definitely for you.

Client Success

Before working with Julie, I tried for years to stop my hair from falling out, along with my bloating, and fatigue. Fortunately, Julie was able to successfully find my root causes. Now my hair is back and so is my vibrant health! 
Sarah M.
The results I got from working with Julie are AMAZING! I no longer dread taking a shower (because there's no massive amounts of hair in the drain) and I now look forward to girls night out on the town! 

 Jessica L.
Yes!  Get Back My Hair!

Julie Olson takes Hair Loss very seriously. Different hair problems have different root causes and different steps to conquer them.

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